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Weekly Outreach

Our weekly outreach takes place each Wednesday in an isolated parking on Kentucky Avenue in Atlantic City. We typically have over 100 people in line, to whom we serve meals, blessing bags, social services, clothing, & toiletries. We often schedule outreach on various days in addition to Wednesdays, which include luncheon outreach events in the park, Sunday Pleasantville outreach, and Holiday Outreach Days which include serving Holiday meals, blessing bags, social services, clothing (including hats, gloves, scarfs and coats in the Winter), & toiletries.

Blessing Bags

Our staple outreach engagement tool is a blessing bag. The blessing bags are extremely important as they are meaningful to our clients, and they are used as our initial engagement tool. These bags are a perfect way to make that first contact and start building trust with our angels on the streets. Each bag contains snacks, drinks, handmade note of encouragement, and an AIM resource pamphlet with information and phone numbers to call when seeking shelter, social services, medical assistance, or detox/treatment.

Recovery Support Services

Recovery support services that are provided on a daily basis consist of providing treatment options and direct linkages, recovery housing, transportation, necessities, sober living funding (if and when funds are available) and connections to care. 

Why Loving Kindness 

Angels in Motion believes in accepting people and meeting them where they are with love, compassion, and understanding. Knowing and accepting everyone’s path is different and so is everyone’s recovery. Our goal is support, not judgment.

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